At Smilesoft, we are pioneers at the forefront of interactive media, committed to transforming the landscape of entertainment and engagement. Our multidisciplinary team—spanning art, theatre, software development, and sociological insight—works tirelessly to turn visionary concepts into reality, crafting immersive experiences that define the next evolution of entertainment. By integrating sophisticated software systems with innovative experience direction, we unlock the true potential of immersive media.

   With over a decade of expertise in cutting-edge technologies, we understand that the essence of modern media lies not in repurposing the old, but in creating dynamic platforms that foster active participation and genuine interaction. Our approach is rooted in the belief that the future of media transcends passive consumption, inviting users to become co-creators in the narratives and worlds we build.

   At the heart of our mission is the development of groundbreaking tools and platforms that empower artists and audiences alike, offering them unparalleled control and creativity in the media they engage with. By merging technical excellence with a deep understanding of human interaction, Smilesoft is not just creating immersive experiences—we are laying the groundwork for the future of entertainment, where every interaction is a step towards a more engaged, participatory world of media. Join us as we redefine the boundaries of what media can achieve, crafting the foundation for a new era of interactive storytelling.


Brooklyn Mirage
Immersive Theatre


The Brooklyn Mirage


Systems direction, production:

Engineering support:

    In 2022, Smilesoft Pointshader united under GGGLUE Interactive to forge the future of immersive entertainment at the forefront of technological innovation. Our collaboration was pivotal in creating the largest immersive entertainment experience in the United States at Avant Gardner's LED wall, The Mirage, employing cutting-edge video over internet protocol standards (SMPTE 2110). Our hands-on approach, from system installation to technical and creative direction, ensured that each performance on this transformative platform was not only compatible with the new format but also custom-tailored to harness the full potential of the wall's immersive, live rendering capabilities.

    The Brooklyn Mirage, nestled within the avant-garde enclave of Avant Gardner, has redefined the entertainment landscape. With its awe-inspiring 200-foot wide video wall, this venue is a beacon of innovation in New York City's vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene. Following an extensive redesign, The Mirage now features one of the world's largest outdoor video walls, enveloping attendees in hyperrealistic environments created by leading visual content creators from around the globe. This technological marvel, complemented by a new stage roof that adds an ethereal floating effect, has hosted a roster of world-renowned artists and performances, making it New York City's premier venue for live music and entertainment​.

    The collaboration between Smilesoft, Pointshader, and GGGLUE Interactive at The Mirage not only exemplified our commitment to pioneering in the realm of immersive experiences but also positioned us as key players in shaping the future of entertainment. Through our efforts, The Mirage has become synonymous with unparalleled musical programming and groundbreaking production techniques, hosting legendary artists and brands in a season that promised and delivered memorable, genre-defining moments​.

    Our involvement in this landmark project underlines a collective vision to push the boundaries of entertainment technology, creating immersive experiences that captivate and transport audiences to new realms. By integrating cutting-edge technology with creative storytelling, we continue to set new standards for live performances, affirming our role in the evolution of entertainment and our contribution to the legacy of venues like The Brooklyn Mirage.