At Smilesoft, we are pioneers at the forefront of interactive media, committed to transforming the landscape of entertainment and engagement. Our multidisciplinary team—spanning art, theatre, software development, and sociological insight—works tirelessly to turn visionary concepts into reality, crafting immersive experiences that define the next evolution of entertainment. By integrating sophisticated software systems with innovative experience direction, we unlock the true potential of immersive media.

   With over a decade of expertise in cutting-edge technologies, we understand that the essence of modern media lies not in repurposing the old, but in creating dynamic platforms that foster active participation and genuine interaction. Our approach is rooted in the belief that the future of media transcends passive consumption, inviting users to become co-creators in the narratives and worlds we build.

   At the heart of our mission is the development of groundbreaking tools and platforms that empower artists and audiences alike, offering them unparalleled control and creativity in the media they engage with. By merging technical excellence with a deep understanding of human interaction, Smilesoft is not just creating immersive experiences—we are laying the groundwork for the future of entertainment, where every interaction is a step towards a more engaged, participatory world of media. Join us as we redefine the boundaries of what media can achieve, crafting the foundation for a new era of interactive storytelling.


Portals NYCDublin

We believe in the power of technology to bring people together. Portals NYC is our latest endeavor, designed to create a seamless interactive experience between New York and Dublin. Our team engineered both the backend and frontend systems to ensure real-time, high-quality video streaming, enabling users to connect.

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Brooklyn Mirage
Immersive Theatre

In 2022, Smilesoft and Pointshader, under GGGLUE Interactive, unveiled a pioneering live-rendered immersive experience with the world's first 250 feet wide by 25 feet tall LED wall at The Brooklyn Mirage, a global innovation. This monumental venture, in partnership with Panasonic, utilized cutting-edge video over internet protocol standards to revolutionize live entertainment. Our expertise directed every show of the season, pushing the boundaries of immersive technology and setting unprecedented benchmarks. Explore the forefront of live entertainment. 

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Sphere & Obscura

The future of immersive entertainment with our pioneering work on the Sphere's Dynamic Content Suite in Las Vegas. Our collaboration has redefined digital artistry and storytelling, creating a landmark in the global entertainment landscape. As architects of tomorrow's media, we are setting new standards for live experiences. Dive deeper to explore how we're shaping the future of entertainment.

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Stranger Things VR

In 2023, Smilesoft and FLOAT.LAND embarked on a groundbreaking journey to merge the realms of digital and physical through a mixed reality game, inspired by the universe of the acclaimed Netflix series, 'Stranger Things.' This collaboration not only signifies a leap in gaming technology but also offers fans a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of their favorite characters, blending the eerie, supernatural world of Hawkins, Indiana, with our own. Explore the unknown, where every decision unfolds the mysteries of a world hidden within our own.

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IKEA: Space Unfolded

Discover a new dimension of interior design at the IKEA Brooklyn Spatial pop-up, where augmented reality brings your home visions to vibrant life. With a simple gesture, your design dreams unfold in real-time, offering a glimpse into the future right before your eyes. Beyond mere visualization, this experience invites you to craft the extraordinary, turning imagination into tangible reality.

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Terrell Place

Experience the blend of history and innovation at Terrell Place in Washington, DC, brought to life by our custom interactive software created alongside ESI Design. This captivating installation revitalizes the entrance halls of Beacon Capital Partners' landmark building, celebrating the heritage of Mary Church Terrell, a trailblazing African American educator and activist. Immerse yourself in a setting where technology and tradition converge, offering an experience that respects historical legacy as it embraces future possibilities.

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The Google Preferred Experience

Explore the Google Preferred Experience, beginning with an iconic Google G logo that serves as the gateway to unparalleled digital exploration. Positioned in a high-tech supercar cockpit, clad in sleek red patent leather, you're met with an interactive environment that reacts to your presence, highlighted by a massive red YouTube play button. This immersive encounter invites you into a universe where technology crafts vivid, lifelike experiences.

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IBM Data Visualization Engine

Witness the vibrancy of global data at IBM Headquarters in Armonk, NY, where live feeds from IBM Watson—including weather, cybersecurity, and market research—become a visual spectacle. This interactive exhibit elevates data visualization to an engaging, immersive experience. See how data shapes our understanding, security, and advancement, both locally in Armonk and across the globe.

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Step into the avant-garde with at the New Museum, New York City—the birthplace of desktop theater. This groundbreaking series revolutionizes the way we experience digital content, blending anti-comedy, CGI landscapes, and live performances in an innovative web format. It's more than entertainment; it's an exploration of the relationship between viewer, performer, and technology. Embark on this unique journey, where custom software meets creativity, and redefine your digital interaction. Ready for an unconventional adventure?

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Explore all tomorrows parties with, #LIVINGROOMTODAY, a groundbreaking platform that redefines global artistic collaboration with its unique simulcast performances. Uniting artists from around the world, it transforms conventional boundaries into a collective, immersive experience, blending IRL and URL like never before.

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Research & Development

Outside of our collaborative efforts to shape the future of entertainment, we're also deeply engaged in developing our own pioneering projects, pushing the boundaries of innovation through rigorous testing and exploration.

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