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   With over a decade of expertise in cutting-edge technologies, we understand that the essence of modern media lies not in repurposing the old, but in creating dynamic platforms that foster active participation and genuine interaction. Our approach is rooted in the belief that the future of media transcends passive consumption, inviting users to become co-creators in the narratives and worlds we build.

   At the heart of our mission is the development of groundbreaking tools and platforms that empower artists and audiences alike, offering them unparalleled control and creativity in the media they engage with. By merging technical excellence with a deep understanding of human interaction, Smilesoft is not just creating immersive experiences—we are laying the groundwork for the future of entertainment, where every interaction is a step towards a more engaged, participatory world of media. Join us as we redefine the boundaries of what media can achieve, crafting the foundation for a new era of interactive storytelling.

Sphere & Obscura



Sphere, Madison Square Garden

Obscura Digital


In a groundbreaking collaboration, my team and I played a pivotal role in the software development and creative direction for Sphere’s Dynamic Content Suite—a cornerstone in the revolutionary Sphere entertainment complex. This iconic venue, renowned for its unparalleled technological advancements and its transformative influence on Las Vegas's skyline and the global entertainment industry, stands as a testament to the future of immersive experiences.

Our work on the Sphere’s Dynamic Content Suite—a modular, real-time content generation toolkit—was instrumental in pushing the boundaries of digital artistry and storytelling. We not only achieved seamless integration of multiple real-time rendering systems but also provided artist-friendly authoring tools that empowered creatives to frame and apply visual effects with unprecedented ease. Our implementation of multi-channel playback ensured a unified and mesmerizing display across Sphere’s vast canvases, while our precision mapping techniques brought to life magical viewing experiences on complex geometries.

The Sphere has emerged not just as a marvel of engineering and design but as a beacon of the future of entertainment, drawing millions from around the globe to witness its cutting-edge performances and immersive spectacles. Our contributions to Sphere’s Dynamic Content Suite have solidified its reputation as an icon of innovation, setting a new standard for live entertainment venues worldwide.

As a part of this visionary project, I have been at the forefront of utilizing emerging technologies to redefine the parameters of entertainment and engagement. My work exemplifies a commitment to excellence and a passion for creating the future of entertainment, showcasing how the convergence of technology and creativity can create unparalleled experiences that captivate and inspire.