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IKEA: Space Unfolded


Software & Integration:

Creative Design:
Volvox Labs

Ad Agency:
Ogilvy, Wavemaker

11th St. Workshop

Gregory Nance

In a landmark collaboration that marked a significant milestone in the fusion of technology and retail, our team developed an innovative software for IKEA's Spatial pop-up event in Brooklyn. This immersive installation set a new standard in interactive shopping experiences, offering visitors the chance to design their own living spaces through the magic of augmented reality.

At the heart of this project was an interactive touchscreen interface, designed to empower users with the ability to directly manipulate and engage with pre-rendered videos. This cutting-edge technology enabled guests to immerse themselves in a personalized narrative, effectively allowing them to "step into" their dream spaces. Through real-time multi-channel playback and precision mapping, we brought to life the individual choices of each visitor, seamlessly blending the digital with the physical.

Our work for the IKEA Spatial pop-up didn't just provide a glimpse into the potential future of retail; it actively pulled the future into the present. By erasing the boundaries between the consumer's imagination and reality, we showcased how technology can transform traditional shopping into an interactive, deeply personal journey. This project exemplified our commitment to pioneering in the digital realm, pushing the envelope of what's possible and setting new benchmarks for immersive retail experiences.

This endeavor with IKEA underscores our role in shaping the future of consumer engagement, highlighting our expertise in creating spaces where technology enhances human interaction, making the process of design both more accessible and engaging. Through initiatives like the IKEA Spatial pop-up, we continue to demonstrate our capacity to innovate at the intersection of design, technology, and consumer experience, reaffirming our commitment to not just follow trends but to create them.